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Care and Treatment of a Premature Baby

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If you have given birth to a baby before due date then your baby is a premature baby who would require special care. A preterm birth calls for extra care for the growth and development of the baby and regular visit to a doctor is one of the most important and first steps in premature baby care. The doctor will check how quickly the baby is gaining weight and whether the baby is responding positively to home environment.

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The 2011 Premature Birth Report

We live in a world where we pay more attention to the family and the work life that we live but there is very little time to think on health. Most people today believe that they need better health because they live hectic life and therefore the focus is again on the healthcare that is provided.

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Know In Details About Premature Birth (Preterm Birth)

What is Premature Birth?

Most of the pregnancies usually last for 40 weeks. However, in certain cases, labor pain may begin before the onset of 37’Th week of pregnancy as uterine contractions compel the cervix to open earlier than the standard time. In such situations, when the baby is born before the gestation period, it is referred as premature birth.

Also known as preterm birth, premature birth puts the baby at a risk of various health problems as the baby does not get enough time in the womb to develop and mature efficiently. However, the babies born around the 36’th or 37’th are usually free from serious complexities in comparison to the babies born much before the due date. It must be mentioned that the babies who have a premature birth before 24 weeks of the pregnancy period, features fewer chances of survival.

Premature Birth

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Common Birth Defects and its Basic Facts

Birth Defect

Birth defect is the term which is referred to the abnormalities of structure, function, and body metabolism which are present at the baby birth.

A birth defect is the problem which happens while the baby is developing in the mother’s body and the birth defects are developed mostly during the first three months of the pregnancy.

The birth defect can be found at the birth, before birth or anytime after the child’s birth but the defects can be discovered during the first year of the child’s life and the diagnosis can be made which is based on the type of the defect. Some birth defects can be found easily and some can be diagnosed under special tests such as x-ray, scan or hearing tests. The birth defects get vary from mild to severe and in some cases the birth defects leads to the death of the baby.

Birth Defect

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Constipation During Pregnancy – Causes and Relief

Constipation During Pregnancy

Pregnancyand giving birth to a child is a great experience for every woman in this world.  Even though giving birth to a child is the happiest and joyful part of woman this has some bad effects too.

One of the major side effects that every woman faces is Constipation. It is a general digestive problem most of the woman faces during their pregnancy.

The main reason for this problem is the production of progesterone hormone in large quantity which helps in developing a fetus in nine months.

As a consequence digestive system of woman gets slowdown as it takes more time to extract all nutrients from the food what they eat. This in turn is absorbed by bloodstream to supply nutrients to womb for the healthy development of fetus.

Constipation occurs not only because of the slowdown but also the moisture in the food is taken out by the bloodstream. This makes the food very dry and takes more time to digestion. The other reason for constipation is the development of fetus which enlarges the uterus. As a result of this pressure increases in intestine and makes the movement slow inside intestine.

Constipation in pregnancy

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