Prematurity – A Basic Overview

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Prematurity relates to the wide category of new born babies who are born before the completion of the gestation period of thirty seven weeks.

Prematurity is a very vital topic in both obstetrics and pediatrics as because the health of the infant baby at birth is largely dependent on entire or substantial completion of the pregnancy period.
When the babies are born before twenty four to twenty five weeks of the gestation period, then the chances of survival are negligible.

However, when the babies are born after twenty four to twenty five weeks, then, according to the medical care available, many babies may live but along with an array of crisis and illness that are absent in babies who are born after completion of the gestation period.

As premature babies account for a disproportionately large amount of mortality and morbidity in all babies, averting premature labor and delivery is a serious apprehension in obstetrics and the proper care of the premature babies is a vital part in the hospital’s role in the care of the babies.

Prematurity is different depending upon the extent of development of the baby in the womb. The closer the baby gets to the completion of the gestation period, the better are the chances of survival of the baby and a general healthy life after survival.

The youngest of the premature babies are addressed as very preterm babies. These babies are those who have spent least amount of time inside the mother’s womb but have developed adequately to be able to endure and henceforth grow outside their mother’s body. In terms of serious illness and death rates, the very preterm babies are usually worse than the preterm babies who have advanced towards the gestation period. One of the main differences between the usual term babies and the very preterm babies are their capacity to breathe without the aid of machines and oxygenation of the blood through circulation of breathing of air without the help of extra oxygen. Some of the extreme issues associated with prematurity that is disability, illness and death usually affect the extremely preterm babies and very preterm babies.

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