The 2011 Premature Birth Report

We live in a world where we pay more attention to the family and the work life that we live but there is very little time to think on health. Most people today believe that they need better health because they live hectic life and therefore the focus is again on the healthcare that is provided.

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Know In Details About Premature Birth (Preterm Birth)

What is Premature Birth?

Most of the pregnancies usually last for 40 weeks. However, in certain cases, labor pain may begin before the onset of 37’Th week of pregnancy as uterine contractions compel the cervix to open earlier than the standard time. In such situations, when the baby is born before the gestation period, it is referred as premature birth.

Also known as preterm birth, premature birth puts the baby at a risk of various health problems as the baby does not get enough time in the womb to develop and mature efficiently. However, the babies born around the 36’th or 37’th are usually free from serious complexities in comparison to the babies born much before the due date. It must be mentioned that the babies who have a premature birth before 24 weeks of the pregnancy period, features fewer chances of survival.

Premature Birth

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Prematurity – A Basic Overview

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Prematurity relates to the wide category of new born babies who are born before the completion of the gestation period of thirty seven weeks.

Prematurity is a very vital topic in both obstetrics and pediatrics as because the health of the infant baby at birth is largely dependent on entire or substantial completion of the pregnancy period.
When the babies are born before twenty four to twenty five weeks of the gestation period, then the chances of survival are negligible.

However, when the babies are born after twenty four to twenty five weeks, then, according to the medical care available, many babies may live but along with an array of crisis and illness that are absent in babies who are born after completion of the gestation period.

As premature babies account for a disproportionately large amount of mortality and morbidity in all babies, averting premature labor and delivery is a serious apprehension in obstetrics and the proper care of the premature babies is a vital part in the hospital’s role in the care of the babies.

Prematurity is different depending upon the extent of development of the baby in the womb. The closer the baby gets to the completion of the gestation period, the better are the chances of survival of the baby and a general healthy life after survival.

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